Sustainable Mobility. Medellín, Colombia. Buses, subway, metro cable, and bikes.

Sustainable Mobility. How Medellín, Colombia is using buses, subway, metro cable, and bikes to mobilize their population. 

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Medellín wins global award for its commitment to sustainable mobility

Medellín wins global award for its commitment to sustainable mobility

Medellín draws the attention of the world for its development of multimodal public transport. What began in November 1995 with the opening of Metro, became a firm intention of moving towards an innovative mobility that includes marginalized populations, gathers other transport systems and advance to be a sustainable city.

That was how after Metrocables, the escalators in the commune 13, the BRT system (Metroplús), the tram Ayacucho and public bike system EnCicla arrived to the city.

According to the organizers of the Mobiprize Award, “it was key to have made a joint application between several entities, which was a sign of good articulated mobility between different systems.” Besides the integration through the Civica card, the technological advances in railways and the social impact they have had on citizens also influenced the decision.

In a ceremony in New Delhi on March, 2016, Medellín will be publicly rewarded. A video that was used to compete for this honour and commits more the city to continue taking steps towards sustainable mobility will be shown.




Author: joselepervanche

Professor of Management & Information Technology

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