Global Learning Adventures 2016. Our new travel lessons.

Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway

This summer we are adding new resources, videos, and pictures to be used in our courses and seminars for the academic year 2016-17. Some of the topics are:

  1. The Cold War. Communism Museum and Nuclear Bunker. Prague, Czech Republic.
  2. World War II and the Holocaust. Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Poland.
  3. World Youth Day and Scouts in Europe. Krakow, Poland
  4. The Fall of the Berlin Wall. German Democratic Republic and the reunification of Germany.
  5. Energy alternatives in Europe. Solar, wind and nuclear energy.
  6. City Management. Infrastructure, transportation, and recycling.
  7. Food production and technologies. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  8. Jewish in the Netherlands and the Caribbean. Our Quest for Jewish Roots.
  9. UEFA Euro2016. Fans and police encounters. City Management. France
  10. Europen Union Update. UK referendum and elections in Spain.
  11. Nobel Peace Center. Refugees crisis. UNICEF Project. Oslo, Norway
  12. Voyage Management Systems, Global Positioning and Navigation Systems aboard Navigator of the Seas.

Our #GlobalLearning2016 Adventures continue. Coming soon to #DrJoseCampus. A Dr. Lepervanche Global Learning News production.

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