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AT&T Smart Cities

By 2030, almost 68% of the world’s population will live in cities. These cities currently account for 60-80% of energy consumption and 75% of carbon emissions worldwide. AT&T is committing our resources and expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT) to create smart cities to support the growing needs of cities, as well as improve quality of life and create new economic opportunities.

In September 2015, AT&T formed a dedicated Smart Cities Organization and in January 2016, we announced the launch of a new Smart Cities framework to help cities better serve their citizens and the environment. We will bring the Smart Cities framework to several initial communities: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Chapel Hill, N.C., and Montgomery County, Md., and Miami-Dade County, Fla., and will partner with local universities, such as the Georgia Institute of Technology, to study the impact of our solutions.

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SDG 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

By 2050, 70 % of the world’s population will live in cities, making cities critical in achieving a sustainable future for the world. Businesses, together with Governments at various levels, and civil society organizations and citizens are collectively engaged in pursuing ambitious objectives to make cities more competitive, safe, resource-efficient, resilient and inclusive. Key areas of need in achieving progress on Goal 11 are; 1) identifying and agreeing the most sustainable ways to achieve the targets- what activities should be ceased and which ones accelerated; 2) building appropriate capacity and skills across these stakeholder groups to deliver; 3) attracting/securing finance, innovative designs and delivery models and projects for integrated city infrastructure– including buildings, energy, mobility, telecommunications, water, sanitation and waste management services, and; 4) ensuring practical processes for multi-stakeholder engagement in all stages of urban development that build consensus, inclusion, resilience and sustainability.

Businesses can help cities navigate these challenges and turn a high-level vision into practical and implementable action plans. Business can play a vital role not only in providing specific infrastructure, technology, services and financing solutions, but also in contributing to the strategy that will support the overall optimization of urban systems to create inclusive, safe, sustainable and disaster resilient cities. Cities seeking to realize their sustainability objectives can benefit from engaging with business early in the planning and strategy development process, leveraging the capability of business to identify innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex, cross-cutting urban sustainability challenges.”

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Discussion: Search for Smart Cities near you and share how local leaders (community, government, and companies) are implementing similar plans similar to AT&T. Add videos, references and links.

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