Using Project and Change Management Skills to Execute Your Vision


Using Project and Change Management Skills to Execute Your Vision

Presented by
Dr. Jose Lepervanche

“Use Project and Change Management Skills to Execute Your Vision” will take participants from planning mode to execution mode and prepare them for planned and unexpected changes in life.  If life is a continuous system, you have to be prepared for a journey of continuous waves of different sizes!

What you will learn:
+ Ensure that your current vision, personal SWOT analysis and SMART goals are manageable and achievable.
+ Apply project management skills such as work breakdown structure, resources, and scheduling to bring a vision and goals to an execution stage.
+ Evaluate personal execution plan to incorporate planned and unexpected changes.

This presentation includes highlights of Dr. Lepervanche’s Personal Leadership System®


Focus and Re-focus. Team and personal projects.

This is an updated color version of our old “Focus, focus!” drawing. It is still relevant when forming teams or working on personal projects.

2009 Focus Color 2016.png

Teamwork is vital in any organization and productive meetings are very important in team dynamics. Meetings provide the ground to move from one stage to another. In the forming stage we have to brainstorm and find the proper direction to fulfill our team objectives. It is time to focus and find the lighthouse to ensure a safe navigation. This was our first meeting to find the focus to bring more underrepresented high school students to the computing disciplines programs offered by our college. This picture fits in any forming team. Focus, focus! (Feb 2009 –


A Personal Leadership System® to Simplify Life and Work

Extreme Time Management: Busy People Always Have Time. A Personal Leadership System.

Our Personal Leadership System® is a model that several management concepts used in organizations applied to our personal life. Our beliefs, values, priorities, lifelong projects, effective delegation, & technology are used to simplify life & work.


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Extreme Time Management. A Personal Leadership System.

Extreme Time Management. A Personal Leadership System

Management of Personal Systems. Extreme Time Management. A Personal Leadership System. u01 Overview. Time is one thing in the world that we cannot change. Information, communications, family, friends, and work overload our time. We fill our day with activities that overwhelm our capacity to handle them. We need extreme time management methods to cope with stress, un-productivity, and procrastination. Is not about multi-tasking, it is about packed-tasking. Video link:

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