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Global Learning News is a volunteers’ digital news media agency focusing on educational content including outdoors learning, travel, youth leadership, and emerging technologies. Distribution includes video channels, blogs, reports, newsletters, photos, and social media. Global Learning News is a media initiative to integrate news, adventures, and events intended to enhance higher education learning experiences in technology, environment, and management or #TECHKnowledge. The university is outdoors and experiential learning happens out-of-the-box in the “outdoors classroom”. Global Learning News is interactive “Global Outdoors Press.” The Global Learning News Network is a volunteers’ media organization that produce global learning content to several media outlets and social media networks. The Global Learning News Network includes: Free Campus, Global Learning News, Global Learning Adventures, National Youth Leadership Training, Outdoors University, and Scouting Adventures.

Scouting Adventures en Español – Amigos para Siempre y Scouts

Luis Daniel Vargas de Scouts de Colombia explica su participación como voluntario de la Fundación “Soñar Despierto – Pereira” y el programa “Amigos para Siempre”. Menciona como Scouting lo ha ayudado como Coordinador de Amigos para Siempre y comparte su experiencia internacional sirviendo como Instructor en Camp Shands en el Norte de la Florida.

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#ExploringPrague. A City of 100 Towers.

Travel video about destination Praha in Czech Republic. Prague is called the city of 100 towers and the mother of all towns. #GlobalLearningAdventures

Prague is a golden city of a hundred towers, a gem on the Moldau and a young city with a long history.The most famous of all bridges across the Moldau is the Charles Bridge that connects the old town of Stare Mesto with the city district of Mala Strane below Castle Mountain. Old Town Square is the name of a picturesque square in the centre of the old town surrounded by houses and churches whose facades form a colourful blend of numerous architectural styles. Prague Castle originated from a Slavic settlement in the 9th century A.D. and it is the largest castle complex in the world. The front of the main building measures more than half a kilometre. The Royal Palace is the present living quarters of the country’s president. Nearly one third of its inner courtyard belongs to St. Veits Dom a wonderful Gothic cathedral whose construction took several centuries. A boat trip on the Moldau is an absolute must on any visit to Prague. Most of the excursion boats leave from Charles Bridge close to the Kampa Peninsula. The journey travels beneath a few of the city’s sixteen bridges and the view from the boat adds a totally different perspective to the sights experienced on the city’s streets. Everyone who visits this city falls in love with it and cannot help but be totally fascinated by its special ambience. Prague is a thing of beauty in the very heart of Europe! (Ref: Expoza Travel)

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Virtual Tour of 100 Towers in Prague.

#ExploringPrague #GlobalLearningAdventures #ExploringCzechRepublic

CyberChronicles – Information Security Best Practices Overview

Overview of best practices in Information Security including the importance of security policies, vulnerability assessments, testing, cryptography, authentication, legislation, regulations, moral, ethics, and individual responsibility.


#InformationSecurity #CyberSecurity #DrJoseCampus

“Costa Rica” Documentary Film by FrankandSandyShow

FrankandSansyShow: “Come with us as we travel across Costa Rica and see it like you’ve never seen it before. Full High Resolution 1080p, full HD stereo sound. Stunning wildlife, landscapes, towns and places”.

Watch this video that combines views from a big city with life in Costa Rica. Managing work and life is one of our big challenges.


#EnvironmentalManagement #LifeManagement #DrJoseCampus

Global Learning Adventures – Peñiscola Castle, Valencia, Spain

Peñiscola Castle is located on the highest point of the city. It was built by the Knights Templar on the remains of an old Moorish citadel. It was built with walls of carved stone. Most of the rooms had barrel vaults. It is a sober and solid construction. It was the residence of Benedict XIII, who turned it into a palace and papal library when he moved to Peñíscola in 1411. (

Global Learning Adventures – The Steel Industry in Port Sagunto, Valencia, Spain

Global Learning Adventures in Port Sagunto, Valencia, Spain. Blast Furnace Nº.2 is the only surviving blast furnace tower of the three that were in operation at the height of the steel industry’s activity in Puerto de Sagunto. The structure, which is 64 metres high, was built in 1922 and rebuilt in the 1960s. Operating at 1000 degrees centigrade, it was used to create the steel and iron that was employed in the large construction projects of the 20th-century, such as the building known as the “finca de hierro” in Valencia, the Windsor building in Madrid, the Telefonica building in Seville and the Seat factory in Barcelona. Following its restoration, it received the Europa Nostra 2012 (European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage) Award. Visitors to the furnace tower can discover how it worked and find out about the steel-making industry that gave rise to the Port of Sagunto. (

Sustainable Mobility. Medellín, Colombia. Buses, subway, metro cable, and bikes.

Sustainable Mobility. How Medellín, Colombia is using buses, subway, metro cable, and bikes to mobilize their population. 

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Medellín wins global award for its commitment to sustainable mobility

Medellín wins global award for its commitment to sustainable mobility

Medellín draws the attention of the world for its development of multimodal public transport. What began in November 1995 with the opening of Metro, became a firm intention of moving towards an innovative mobility that includes marginalized populations, gathers other transport systems and advance to be a sustainable city.

That was how after Metrocables, the escalators in the commune 13, the BRT system (Metroplús), the tram Ayacucho and public bike system EnCicla arrived to the city.

According to the organizers of the Mobiprize Award, “it was key to have made a joint application between several entities, which was a sign of good articulated mobility between different systems.” Besides the integration through the Civica card, the technological advances in railways and the social impact they have had on citizens also influenced the decision.

In a ceremony in New Delhi on March, 2016, Medellín will be publicly rewarded. A video that was used to compete for this honour and commits more the city to continue taking steps towards sustainable mobility will be shown.



New Community: An Instagram Story #InstagramLearning

A video about a journey from Chicago, through the Southwest and up the West Coast. They only stayed with people we knew from Instagram – meeting them for the first time in real life. This is a story of the people we met and the stories they shared. Video from Neighborhood Film Co. #InstagramLearning

New Community: An Instagram Story from Neighborhood Film Co. on Vimeo.

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