General Drones carries out the first rescues in Europe using auxdron lifeguard, the first drone designed by and for maritime rescue. | Sagunto, Valencia

We have seen these drones in action. Congrats.==> General Drones carries out the first rescues in Europe using auxdron lifeguard, the first drone designed by and for maritime rescue.

In Puerto De Sagunto Beach, Spain, a drone made a rescue that saved a woman from drowning, being trapped in a hangover stream. This unmanned aerial vehicle is auxdron lifeguard, rescue drone, manufactured by general drones, designed specifically to serve as a search and rescue device, thanks to its water-resistant structure and its interchangeable modular payload, in this case to include two devices Automatic Float.


The Steel Industry in Port Sagunto, Valencia, Spain | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche |Global Learning Adventures

Global Learning Adventures in Port Sagunto, Valencia, Spain. Blast Furnace Nº.2 is the only surviving blast furnace tower of the three that were in operation at the height of the steel industry’s activity in Puerto de Sagunto. The structure, which is 64 metres high, was built in 1922 and rebuilt in the 1960s. Operating at 1000 degrees centigrade, it was used to create the steel and iron that was employed in the large construction projects of the 20th-century, such as the building known as the “finca de hierro” in Valencia, the Windsor building in Madrid, the Telefonica building in Seville and the Seat factory in Barcelona. Following its restoration, it received the Europa Nostra 2012 (European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage) Award. Visitors to the furnace tower can discover how it worked and find out about the steel-making industry that gave rise to the Port of Sagunto. (

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Spain Everywhere, España en todo el mundo | MARCA ESPAÑA

Promotional video of Marca España for 2017, made by TVE, which shows the important presence of Spain and the Spanish in the world. Through its culture, its customs, its gastronomy, its art, its companies, its tradition, its ingenuity, its talent, its solidarity and, of course, its innovation and technology, Spain is key in the daily life of millions of people Worldwide. This story is precisely an audiovisual tour of the places on the planet where our country has left its mark and shows that Spain is in the whole world, Spain Everywhere.

Vídeo de promoción de Marca España para 2017, realizado por TVE, que pone de manifiesto la importante presencia de España y los españoles en el mundo. A través de su cultura, sus costumbres, su gastronomía, su arte, sus empresas, su tradición, su ingenio, su talento, su solidaridad y, por supuesto, su innovación y tecnología, España es clave en la vida cotidiana de millones de personas en todo el mundo. Este relato es, precisamente, un recorrido audiovisual por los lugares del planeta en el que nuestro país ha ido dejando su huella y que demuestra que España está en todo el mundo, Spain Everywhere.

Solar powered Wi-Fi service in beaches.

Solar powered wi-fi service and lockers in beaches of Fuengirola, Spain. Mobile technologies are requiring local governments and companies to expand services. Beaches, parks, and remote areas now have access to wi-fi services.

How these kiosks are helping your community?

Ref: drlepervanche High tech beaches in #Fuengirola. Solar panels to power electronic lockers, and wi-fi service near kiosk. #exploringspain#exploringfuengirola #GlobalLearning2017#solarenergy #wifi #ExploringSpain

Pequeños Grandes Inventos | Universitat Politècnica de València, España (Spain)

Pequeños Grandes Inventos

VII Concurso UPV de Proyectos Científicos. Curso 2016-2017

Pequeños Grandes Inventos

Dirigido a: alumnos de educación secundaria obligatoria (ESO), bachillerato y ciclos formativos de la Comunidad Valenciana
Proyecto: un desarrollo científico, un experimento, una aplicación o cualquier otra iniciativa en el ámbito de la ciencia y la tecnología
Temática: ciencia y tecnología
Plazo de inscripción: del 15 de marzo al 19 de mayo de 2017, a las 24 h
Premios: Dos premios de 1.000 euros cada uno. Cada galardón se repartirá de la siguiente manera: 200 euros para cada alumno que ha participado en el proyecto y 200 euros para el tutor. Además, el jurado podrá conceder hasta un máximo de dos accésits de 200 euros cada uno.

Spain – Spain Regions – Country of Spain

Spain – Spain Regions

Learn about the Country of Spain and it’s 17 Autonomous Regions and 2 Autonomous Cities with this fun educational music video for kids and adults. Brought to by Kids Learning Tube!

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