Instagram Micro Lessons from #HurricaneIrma | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

Micro Lesson #HurricaneIrma 2

Micro Lessons using our Instagram Photos #InstagramMicroLessons in our courses.

One week after Hurricane Irma crossed Florida from the Keys to our home in Jacksonville, Florida, we collected several lessons to be used in our Management courses this coming week. We are going to use our Instagram pictures to follow the hurricane and share our thoughts, analyses, and decisions to protect our family and friends. We were in our bunker (condo) hosting a family of five friends who evacuated Miami.

Here are the points that we are covering in our courses:

  • Emergency Preparedness #GlobalManagement
  • Weather Data Analysis #GlobalSystems
  • City Leaders During Storms #GlobalLeadership

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This week we will add some of these points to our weekly discussion. Have a great week.


Spain Everywhere, España en todo el mundo | MARCA ESPAÑA

Promotional video of Marca España for 2017, made by TVE, which shows the important presence of Spain and the Spanish in the world. Through its culture, its customs, its gastronomy, its art, its companies, its tradition, its ingenuity, its talent, its solidarity and, of course, its innovation and technology, Spain is key in the daily life of millions of people Worldwide. This story is precisely an audiovisual tour of the places on the planet where our country has left its mark and shows that Spain is in the whole world, Spain Everywhere.

Vídeo de promoción de Marca España para 2017, realizado por TVE, que pone de manifiesto la importante presencia de España y los españoles en el mundo. A través de su cultura, sus costumbres, su gastronomía, su arte, sus empresas, su tradición, su ingenio, su talento, su solidaridad y, por supuesto, su innovación y tecnología, España es clave en la vida cotidiana de millones de personas en todo el mundo. Este relato es, precisamente, un recorrido audiovisual por los lugares del planeta en el que nuestro país ha ido dejando su huella y que demuestra que España está en todo el mundo, Spain Everywhere.

Undocumented Filipino Immigrant Journalist: DACA Fight Isn’t Over | HuffPost

Jose Antonio Vargas isn’t going to stop challenging President Donald Trump’s decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, who’s undocumented, told HuffPost in an email that there’s much more work to do even after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Tuesday that the administration was terminating the program. While DACA will officially end in six months, it’s now up to the House and Senate to formulate a solution to protect the nearly 800,000 Dreamers.

Source: Undocumented Filipino Immigrant Journalist: DACA Fight Isn’t Over | HuffPost

A visual ode to Taiwan’s sustainable development goals | Taiwan News | #SDGs

In response to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, which Taiwan shares, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today announced a short film to inform the world of Taiwan’s sustainable development efforts, showing it’s achievements in economy, society and environmental protection.The short film Taiwan: A Partner for a Better World, segues 80 images on the economy, society and environmental protection. MOFA called on the international community to really see Taiwan’s contribution to global sustainability.

Source: A visual ode to Taiwan’s sustainable development goals | Taiwan News

Sustainable Development Goals: Company polish – or company core? | HuffPost

There are different levels of integration of SDGs in a business.A key element is understanding the difference in terms of whether this is something you do to polish the company or its existing products? This is probably where a company looks at the goals and says “we are already doing much of what the SDGs are asking for – and isn’t this terrific!”.Where based on poor evaluation, documentation and performance, then it is likely be to greenwashing.Or is it about adjusting the core business of the company – in a direction towards what the world has agreed to are fundamental needs?

Source: Sustainable Development Goals: Company polish – or company core? | HuffPost