Why it’s so difficult to build a hydrogen bomb – Quartz

Source: Why it’s so difficult to build a hydrogen bomb – Quartz


11 Boy Scout Skills That Prepare You For College | The Odyssey

They are lessons for life! Excellent article to show value-based lifelong skils. I teach Management courses in college and graduate schools. Many concepts and topics are also taught in National Youth Leadership Training and other Scouting training. I shared everywhere. Our world need more scouts like you. @ScoutmasterJose http://www.scoutingadventures.org

Source: 11 Boy Scout Skills That Prepare You For College | The Odyssey

Introduction to Technology Management. @DrLepervanche #CyberChronicles


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Introduction to Technology Management laboratory. An overview of bothbusiness and technology sides of management. Importance of people, organization, and technology in globalization. Business intelligence, strategic management, project management and innovation. Social media and mobile devices. Next generation of leaders and social responsibility.

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Be Outside of the Box! Analyze, Evaluate, Create


Be Outside the Box! Analyze, Evaluate, Create. (vs Remember, Understand, Apply). Schools focus on the bottom sides of Bloom’s Taxonomy. I we want to educate innovators and agents of change we have to teach to be on top of the pyramid, on top of the mountain. #BeOutsideOfTheBox

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#Leadership. Follow your Why: Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action. #why


Follow your Why: Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action. #DrJoseCampus

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See TED Ed Lesson with Simon Sinek. He  has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers …
(Filmed at TEDxPugetSound). Create a personal vision by answering Why?

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#Strategies > Michael Porter: Why business can be good at solving social problems

See TED Ed Lesson about Michael Porter and Social Responsibility. Prof Porter says that business can be good at solving social problems. Business are seen as the problem but creating profits can be a way to solve social issues. Video used in international business course to generate discussions. Why or why not this is a good idea? Share examples related to your workplace or local community? How local business are helping to solve local social problems?

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Where is the AED? – California

We share locations of AEDs in public places. We ask employees and bystanders about them and get a variety of answers. Most people are not CPR/AED trained or do not know what to do with an AED. #whereistheaed is our campaign to enhace awareness. Be prepared to save a life. Learn CPRAED.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles
AED in exhibit at Griffith Observatory
Toontown, Disneyland. 16 AEDs according to guidemap
Disneyland parking lot. Goofy floor