Solar powered Wi-Fi service in beaches.

Solar powered wi-fi service and lockers in beaches of Fuengirola, Spain. Mobile technologies are requiring local governments and companies to expand services. Beaches, parks, and remote areas now have access to wi-fi services.

How these kiosks are helping your community?

Ref: drlepervanche High tech beaches in #Fuengirola. Solar panels to power electronic lockers, and wi-fi service near kiosk. #exploringspain#exploringfuengirola #GlobalLearning2017#solarenergy #wifi #ExploringSpain


Global Learning Series: Virtual Offices Management


Ramon Molano spoke to our ISM4011 Management of Information Systems class several years ago. He manages the office in Miami and his customers are located in Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and parts of Europe. He has more than 25 years working in this industry. Superior Sewing Machine and Supply‘s headquarters are in New York with offices in Miami and Los Angeles.

Ramon Molano is back to Florida State College at Jacksonville – Deerwood Center to speak about Virtual Offices Management, communications, procurement and customers relations software, and business continuity. He frequently travels to visit his remote offices and customers. His personal office goes with him.

Jacksonville is a global city with big corporations and small companies. They conduct global operations thanks to current communications and information technologies.

Join our students of ISM4011 to continue our Global Learning Series.

Deerwood Professors: email Dr. Jose Lepervanche if you want to bring your class and find a large classroom. Deerwood Students: email Dr. Lepervanche to reserve your seat. (Subject: Virtual Offices Management).

Global Learning Series is one the Global Learning Opportunities: Bridges and Engagement (GLOBE) educational activities created to bring global speakers and activities to our classrooms.  GLOBE is an educational model to facilitate global collaboration and creative learning methods inside and outside the classroom. The objective is to find Global Learning Opportunities that are useful to our courses or programs, build Bridges by connecting speakers, presenters, and facilitators with courses or FSCJ programs, and produce Engagement by creating active and continuous collaboration. Visit for more. GLOBE was introduced during FSCJ AdjunctPalooza 2016.

CyberChronicles – The Americas Information Ramp

The Americas Information Ramp. Access to databases. Business plan presentation.