Solar powered Wi-Fi service in beaches.

Solar powered wi-fi service and lockers in beaches of Fuengirola, Spain. Mobile technologies are requiring local governments and companies to expand services. Beaches, parks, and remote areas now have access to wi-fi services.

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Ref: drlepervanche High tech beaches in #Fuengirola. Solar panels to power electronic lockers, and wi-fi service near kiosk. #exploringspain#exploringfuengirola #GlobalLearning2017#solarenergy #wifi #ExploringSpain

Solar roads in France will provide power to over 5 million people

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Building on the momentum created by last December’s Paris Climate Change Summit, France’s minister of Ecology and Energy recently announced plans to pave 1000 kilometers (621 miles) of road with solar panels over the next five years. These solar roads will be able to provide enough electricity for about 8 percent of the French population, or over 5 million people. They could also power street lights and electric cars.

via Solar roads in France will provide power to over 5 million people.