The Problems With #SmartCities

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#SmartCities A #GlobalLearning discussion in our #Management #CityManagement #EnvironmentalManagement and #TechnologyManagement courses. ==> The Problems With Smart Cities. Imagine your city as a smart city. What are the benefits or issues?



Global Learning Adventures. Our Travel Lessons.

Our end-of-semester lecture for Spring 2016. Keep traveling and learning.

Global Learning Adventures are lessons learned while traveling to different countries. More than 40 countries and 40 years of Global Learning opportunities are used to enhance International Management and Technology Management Courses. Our Travel Lessons include topics in strategic management, global engagement, leadership, systems, cultures, politics, economies, projects, education, and the environment. This overview integrates all the areas that are covered in other Global Learning Adventures videos. The more we travel, the more we learn and the more we teach. #GlobalLearningAdventures

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Internet of Things: Roadmap to a Connected World – MITProfessionalX

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Internet of Things: Roadmap to a Connected World – MITProfessionalX

This week I started to attend a MIT Professional Education course, Internet of things: Roadmap to a Connected World. ‪#‎InternetOfThings‬ #MITClubNF

This course is ideally suited for individuals who want to leverage the Internet of Things to address business challenges including cybersecurity, system architecture, and data management. Because of the nature of this course, the information is applicable to people working in a variety of industries, from healthcare to telecommunication. Industries represented include:
Manufacturing and supply chains
Transportation and logistics
Energy (oil and gas)
Public sector
Consumer products

I will be sharing some relevant part of the material in our courses. As you see in the list, our programs include professionals and topics that are important to consider in our discussions. What is your first impression of the Internet of Things and how do these new technologies impact your workplace or community?

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#TECHKnowledge: Five knowledge trends using technology


#TECHKnowledge: Five knowledge trends using technology

How to combine technology and the outdoors to improve knowledge. We are all connected to people and nature. The university is outdoors.

1. Connected Learning = Social media learning. #socialmedialearning
2. Device Oriented Learning = Mobile knowledge. #mlearning
3. Team Based Learning = Share individual strengths for collaborative solutions. #teamlearning.
4. Outdoors Classrooms = Connect learners with nature. #outdoorsuniversity
5. Leadership Learning = Lead yourself and others. #youthleaders

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Introduction to Technology Management. @DrLepervanche #CyberChronicles


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Introduction to Technology Management laboratory. An overview of bothbusiness and technology sides of management. Importance of people, organization, and technology in globalization. Business intelligence, strategic management, project management and innovation. Social media and mobile devices. Next generation of leaders and social responsibility.

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Why Every Kid Should Build A Robot | Mark McCombs | TEDxJacksonville

Mark McCombs was TEDxFSCJ Guest Speaker during TEDxFSCJ Salon “Technology & Society”. He spoke about his work at Renaissance Jax supporting First LEGO Robotics competitions in Jacksonville. Watch his TEDxJacksonville Talk “Why Every Kid Should Build A Robot | Mark McCombs | TEDxJacksonville.”

From YouTube TEDx Talks: “All 21st-century students deserve a role in engineering the future. McCombs will give a first-person account of what happens when children are given an opportunity to see what they are capable of in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). He believes that hands-on, mentor-driven robotics education contributes to a sense of self-efficacy, which may be the one of the greatest advances we can see this generation make.

Over the past twelve years, Mark McCombs has been a part of FIRST Robotics as a student on a high school team, as a college mentor, a head coach, volunteer, tournament director, and now Affiliate Partner for FIRST Lego League in the North Florida Region. As a student in the program, Mark was profoundly impacted by mentors and engineering idols who turned his curiosities towards the field of Mechanical Engineering. Now the founder of a machine design, engineering, and fabrication company, McCombs spends most of his time working on Renaissance Jax, a nonprofit he founded with the mission of expanding access to the very program that shaped his experiences as a young engineer.”

CyberChronicles – Introduction to Technology Management

CyberChronicles – Introduction to Technology Management

Introduction to Technology Management laboratory. (2013). An overview of both business and technology sides of management. Importance of people, organization, and technology in globalization. Business intelligence, strategic management, project management and innovation. Social media and mobile devices. Next generation of leaders and social responsibility. Video link: