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2016 SWOT Climb Mountain Color.png

Climb Every Mountain. A Personal SWOT Analysis will help you in identifying your own Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Once you know all of them you have to climb your own mountains to improve your strengths, reduce your weaknesses, maximize your opportunities and minimize your threats. All mountains are important as they provide valuable lessons to continue to re-evaluate your personal SWOT and climb your next mountains. Life is a continues adventure going up and down. Enjoy the journey and the views.

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Focus and Re-focus. Team and personal projects.

This is an updated color version of our old “Focus, focus!” drawing. It is still relevant when forming teams or working on personal projects.

2009 Focus Color 2016.png

Teamwork is vital in any organization and productive meetings are very important in team dynamics. Meetings provide the ground to move from one stage to another. In the forming stage we have to brainstorm and find the proper direction to fulfill our team objectives. It is time to focus and find the lighthouse to ensure a safe navigation. This was our first meeting to find the focus to bring more underrepresented high school students to the computing disciplines programs offered by our college. This picture fits in any forming team. Focus, focus! (Feb 2009 –


Our Next White House Manager. 2016 Color Update | josetoons & scoutoons

2008 Next Manager White House Color 2016

Presidential Primaries in Florida 2016 eight years after the original drawing about our White House’s next manager. A new President will be elected and we still have storms. An updated color version shows the shades of stormy seas and cloudy days.  I voted in the primaries and I will do it again in November. I voted for the first time in 2008 and I know my responsibility as “American by choice”. Let’s vote!

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Be Outside of the Box! Analyze, Evaluate, Create


Be Outside the Box! Analyze, Evaluate, Create. (vs Remember, Understand, Apply). Schools focus on the bottom sides of Bloom’s Taxonomy. I we want to educate innovators and agents of change we have to teach to be on top of the pyramid, on top of the mountain. #BeOutsideOfTheBox

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